Lacanau Beach Clean: Help Rescue The Blue Planet

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Inspiration: The Association Project Rescue Ocean

Last Saturday, the 8th of June, the oceanside beaches of Lacanau-Océan were the setting for one of many events organised by the environmental association created by Benoit Schumann – Project Rescue Ocean. During a morning beach clean-up in Lacanau, for the national event organised by World Oceans Day, dozens of volunteers of all ages scoured the beaches of the Atlantic coast to find and clean-up rubbish polluting the coastline.

Have a look at the following link for a video about the Lacanau beach clean-up organized by Project Rescue Ocean and Nomads Surfing (eco-responsible surfboards retailer):

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This beach clean-up was not an isolated event as organised rubbish collection on beaches is increasing. This proves that the movement for the protection of marine environments is gaining momentum, at long last! Indeed, the figures concerning the pollution of our seas are frightening; By 2050, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

The story of Project Rescue Ocean started on social networks with a Facebook page of the same name. The goal was to educate as many people as possible about environmental issues in the marine environment. Thanks to its success, the movement has materialised with the birth of the association which has since led to a significant number of activities. These activities are relayed on social networks where thousands of followers testify their support to date.

With branches on five continents, the association continues its development and now hundreds of people are taking part in the events, conferences and other actions for Project Rescue Ocean, such as the beach clean-up in Lacanau.

So, what can you do yourself to take part in marine environment protection by supporting Project Rescue Ocean?

  1. Join the association by visiting the Project Rescue Ocean website and clicking on “Membership” You can proceed to a simple membership, or complete this one by choosing one of the kits which will allow you to receive products from the association.

  2. Buy products from Project Rescue Ocean on the same site under the heading “Shop” such as ashtrays, water cups, t-shirts, caps, tote bags, stickers …

  3. Participate in one of the organised events supported by the association. See the dates on this subject on the site under the heading “Events” – clear-up operations, beach cleaning / rubbish collection, conferences, Project Rescue Ocean annual evening events, climate marches, charity galas …

  4. Make donations of support (donations online directly on the site under the heading “Donate”).

Tavish Campbell filming the remains of a fishing net with the Greenpeace MY Arctic Sunrise boat in the ‘plastic soup’ in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean.

At a time when more and more areas of ‘plastic soup’ are appearing in our oceans along with the masses of micro-wastes ingested by fish and other marine animals that are potentially being consumed by humans at the end of the food chain, we cannot wait to act.

We are all affected, every one of us, whilst being victims of the effects, we are also responsible for the degradation of our environment. It is therefore up to us to take the lead to protect the planet that shelters us ; do your bit – join Project Rescue Ocean!


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